Therapeutic Consultations

"Dear Janelle, here's an update since my four day intensive. I don't feel or think I'm stupid anymore, that alone equals a miracle. I don't feel as stressed or as tired since I've gotten home, nor do I feel as anxious. Janelle, that was one of the most painful, intensive liberating weeks of my entire life. I'm not sure you knew, but my birthday was on the first day that we met. I did nothing special that day to celebrate; little did I realize what was in store for me on Thursday. The Lord gave me a birthday tea party through you. My little girl never had any kind of party her whole life, so it was very special to the little girl within - and very healing. That night in my hotel room I woke up in the middle of the night and started weeping because I realized that many little girls have tea parties, but I had now had one with Jesus as a special guest. There are still memories coming up from my childhood and teenage years and I'm processing them. The freer I get the more I can hear Him speaking to me. I have noticed that I walk upright and don't look down when I walk now; it was probably the shame I carried that made me look down all the time. You gave me tools and insights that are new to me and God is continuing to give me more understanding. It was no coincidence that we met! Very God ordained! THANKS AGAIN! - woman from the Midwest

What is an intensive?

Therapeutic consultaitons usually involve 3-4 hours of therapy per day, spanning across 1-5 days. A therapeutic consultation is customized based on each person’s need and treatment goals. Janelle Hallman & Associates therapists rely on a variety of methods and techniques in their counseling including coaching, experiential processes, trauma reprocessing techniques, tapping, cognitive therapy, and spiritual interventions. It is recommended that a client’s entire time throughout an intensive be set aside for session time, meditation, and homework activities, such as reading and journaling exercises. 

Therapeutic consultaitons are intense. They are only recommended for folks who have a broad local support system and a local primary therapist. A man or woman’s primary therapist must be informed and in agreement that therapeutic consultation with Janelle Hallman & Associates is in the man or woman’s best interest. The client must be willing to sign a Release Form, allowing communication between his or her primary therapist and Janelle and/or a Janelle Hallman & Associates therapist prior to scheduling a a therapeutic consultation. 

Therapeutic consultaitons are offered on a consulting basis only (meaning, by doing a therapeutic consultaiton, a Janelle Hallman & Associates therapist is not taking on primary therapeutic responsiblity for the client - the associate is simply supplementing the primary therapy already being undertaken by the client localy).


Is a therapeutic consultation appropriate for me?

Individuals who are advanced in their process and perhaps in need of a deeper level of understanding in gender and sexuality may be benefited by a therapeutic consultation. Additionally, those needing assistance pushing through an obstacle in their current therapy, may also be a good fit for a therapeutic consultation.

What do I have to do to get started?

The first step in scheduling an intensive is to call the Janelle Hallman & Associates office at 303-429-2100 to schedule a 50-minute consultation with Janelle or one of her associates. Once it has been determined that an intensive is viable, the associate will schedule the actual dates and times. The office will then mail out intake forms and psychological assessments. Every therapeutic consultation client of Janelle Hallman & Associates is also required to complete a full psychological assessment (involving psychological testing -three paper tests- and a fee of $195.) All forms and assessments, together with payment for the psychological testing ($195) must be received by the office at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the therapeutic consultation. This gives the associate time to score and review all assessments and forms. Payment can be made by check or major credit card. (International clients will need to pay via PayPal.)

All therapeutic consultation clients are required to pay for all transportation, food, and lodging expenses, in addition to the above fees.

Full payment on the balance due for the therapeutic consult must be made on the final day.

Payment can be made by cash, check or major credit card. (International clients will need to pay via PayPal.) Upon completion of a therapeutic consultation, the woman or man's primary therapist may schedule a 15-minute consultation with Janelle Hallman & Associates free of charge. The associate will also forward the results of all psychological assessments to the primary therapist if requested.